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About Recruitifyme

Our solution offers the following perks:

Employer Portal

Easy to post jobs in the employer portal. Conveniently review and update posted jobs at any time in real time.


Be notified every step of the candidate’s journey. Achieve and delete messages to keep your message portal more organized.

Applicant tracking

Easily keep track of all candidate application through the employer tracking portal. Get candidate’s information, schedule interviews integrated with modern enterprise video communications like zoom, Microsoft teams, WebEx etc., and offer jobs all in one place.


Measure, collect and report detailed analysis of jobs applied, company’s performance and progress of candidates.

Finance portal

Take advantage of our transparent finance portal which makes it very easy to track, review agreements and make payments once candidate is hired.

Additional perks

Zero fees to use our platform.

Our admins are also able to post jobs on employer’s behalf at no cost. 

key figures

1,500+ internal staff in North America. managing a workforce of 100,000+ each week in the U.S. and Canada. with a presence in 38 countries.

Our mission and core values.

Providing a solution primarily that focuses on making job recruitments easy and more efficient between the recruiter and the candidate. Our goal is to ensure you hire the best qualified candidate for the position.